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Technical Lead
Technical Lead

We have an opening for a position of Technical Lead – Technology and Applications.

He or she will -work closely with research teams, delivery teams and support teams on mainstreaming technology applications and solutions into the company’s core business.

Designation: Technical Lead – IT – Chennai
Experience 7+ yrs relevant experience
Salary: Best in the Industry
Job Describtion
  • Technical Lead – IT -: Responsibilities
  • Managing Roadmaps, Tasks & Deadlines.
  • The strategy and design that a leader develops with the team often becomes little more than a huge to-do list.
  • A good Technical lead /manager will have the project management and task management skills to turn the road-map into reality, on time and within allocated budgets.
  • Getting Your Hands Dirty: A competent Technical lead / manager rises to challenges and gets his or her hands dirty, proving that they can contribute over and beyond providing guidance to the team.
  • Delegation: As mentioned in the previous point, a manager should be working on the front lines — however, it still holds true that the only way all that listed work will get done is if the people beneath the manager pull their weight.
  • To make sure that happens, a manager needs to know when to hand something off to a colleague.
  • Technology Strategy: Contemporary companies work in a digitally volatile space, and it’s the lead’s job to ensure that the company has the best and most cost-efficient technology for the job(s) at hand.
  • Business Strategy: The technical lead will have a strong voice in the company strategy formulation — especially since technology today forms the core (in more cases than not) of business strategies, delivery roadmaps and forays into new markets, domains as well as client segments.
  • Evangelism: The technology lead is also a public face of the company with regards to its technology strategy and function.
  • He or she needs to steer the company’s technological evolution and be the driving force behind strengthening the technical core of the company’s business with the infusion of mission relevant technology and business insight.
Skills and Qualifications
  • You have 7 years of experience in Technology management or leadership role.
  • You care deeply about engineering culture and the quality of products you and your team build.
  • You drive change actively as you believe everything can be constantly improved.
  • You’re knowledgeable in a broad spectrum of products and recent developments; making smart choices about technologies to be adopted.
  • You are keen to mentor and grow your team, achieving lasting and significant goals.
  • You like to be constantly challenged, working on a variety of different projects and products, and interacting with business development, operations and production teams.
  • You love to see our customers using your software in real time at our conferences and to be proud of your work.
  • Ability to understand large, complex systems with many moving, interrelated parts.
  • Strong hands on knowledge in languages such as Python, Java, Javascript, C++, HTML5, CSS3, as well as the use of frameworks, preprocessors, and libraries, such as React, Backbone, Angular, Ember, Bootstrap, jQuery, SASS/SCSS
  • Good understanding of different cloud deployment options, e.g. Cloud66, and AWS.
  • Comfortable working in Scrum/Kanban environment, with Git Pull/code reviews.
  • Familiarity or exposure to block chain technology will be an advantage
  • Technical Lead – IT – Chennai

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